About Glyptica:

 Glyptica, "/glip-tika/ The art to sculpt, carve or engrave in precious gems", has been in business for over two decades and has gained notoriety for its high-end bespoke and museum pieces (including work done for the Getty Museum).

 Glyptica had a lengthy affiliation with Passman through its President and Chief Creative Officer, Tchavdar Tchouchev. Mr. Tchouchev served as Passman’s Director of Design Development.  That partnership made Glyptica the obvious choice to continue the Passman legacy after the company’s closure.

 Glyptica has the license to manufacture all of the Passman designs under the Passman name.  Additionally, Glyptica purchased a significant portion of Passman’s sustainably harvested reserve coral ensuring that your next Passman piece will carry the same quality and legacy as every other piece in your collection.

 About Tchavdar Tchouchev:

 Mr. Tchouchev is a classically trained sculptor who developed a skill and passion for carving gemstones.  A natural extension of his talent with gemstones is jewelry design, and that combination has made him one of the most respected creators in the industry.

 For over four years, Mr. Tchouchev was the Director of Design Development for Passman and served as a vital participant in one of the most exciting times in that company’s history: one that introduced dozens of new collections using vibrant, exciting materials never-before contemplated by Passman.

 Mr. Tchouchev’s design strategy for the coming seasons is to use new, Glyptica designs as part of the natural evolution of Passman’s 40 years of tradition.


 About Linda Schlueter:

Ms. Schlueter is Glyptica’s Director of Sales.  She has 14 years’ experience in jewelry sales with the last three as Western Regional Manager for Passman.

 Her experience has given her a keen knowledge of Glyptica’s entire assortment – including and especially the Passman collections. She is excited about working with many of the Passman collectors with whom she'd shared a fond professional relationship.

 Ms. Schlueter resides in Las Vegas and is available for personal consultations.